Matt Nathanson | Faster

Earlier today Tiesto gave us a free track.. and now Matt Nathanson releases the lastest single off of ‘Modern Love’ for free to his fans… Great day for big artists giving us free music!  I was actually lucky enough to catch Matt when he performed at the Ann Arbor Art Fair a few years ago… where he called me out for not singing to the hook of ‘Car Crash’… so that was a pretty bitter-sweet experience, but luckily he makes some damn good music… and “Faster’ is no different.  Full of up-beat guitar, horns, and feel good lyrics this is a very catchy song that I have had on repeat ever since it was released (about an hour ago…)  I know you will love this one because I sure do… ENJOY!

Download ‘Matt Nathanson | Faster’ or From His Home Page


3 responses to “Matt Nathanson | Faster

  1. Sorry, but this song is a pure ripoff of 80’s tune, Faith. Check youtube for videos of the original. Can’t believe lawyers aren’t ‘cease and desisting’ all over the planet.

    It’s really not a good song. And I’ve been a fan for years. You can’t hit it out of the park every at bat, but this one sucks.

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  3. Uh – no this is not a rip off of “Faith” – but every one has a right to their own opinion – and for me my opinion is this IS a good song – the lyrics are different – it’s too bad there are people out there that nit-pick at a few notes that may sound similar – but look at the complete song, the lyrics, the backstory…has nothing to do with George Michael and Faith.

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