Tuesday Trot | Matisyahu

For this week’s Tuesday Trot we bring to you a King (Without a Crown) of Reggae, a champion beatboxer, and a well-known rock artist in Matisyahu. While Matisyahu is known for his rousing live performances, his Daytrotter set is downtempo, easygoing, and seems built to be heard as the sun goes down on a warm evening. The laid-back recordings maintain the great soul and expressive value that Matis is known for, and “Temple” in particular shines in the style of his set. “Thunder,” “One Day,” and “Silence” round out the session, and each track is of generous length. Definitely keep this session in your backpocket as the weather brightens.  See the jump below to download and please take a moment to look at the great write-up done by Daytrotter on this artist. Enjoy.

Temple [audio http://ge.tt/6lhtfNE/02%20Temple.mp3]

Thunder [audio http://ge.tt/6lhtfNE/01%20Thunder.mp3]

Click to download ‘Matisyahu | Daytrotter Sessions’


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