The White Panda | Pandamonium [Mash-Up Album]

The one good thing about having to wake up at 5:30 am to go to work is that I get an early jump on all the music for the day… the bad tihng (but I dont think I will say only bad thing) is that i cannot listen to it properly before posting it.   Any other album I would wait 9 hours until I get home and give it a proper listen/review.. but c’mon… be serious… This is The White Panda we are talkign about.. 40 songs of pure mash-up dance party pleasure… JUST GET IT!  I will give you a few of my favorite track to listen to once I can pick them out.. but until then grab the tape for $nameyour.price and pick your own damn favorite songs…. ENJOY!

Download ‘The White Panda | Pandamonium’


3 responses to “The White Panda | Pandamonium [Mash-Up Album]

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