Childish Gambino | Freaks And Geeks [Music Video]

I wasn’t sure how to present Childish Gambino to A2unes because at first.. it might be a little shocking.  YES, this is Donald Glover.. or Troy from Community.. or one of the writers from 30 Rock/Community… giving us lyrics that I can only describe as ‘raw’.  He even says that he “loves swear words” and within 45 second of many of his songs you will probably learn this.  Gambino was featured on The Midterm Mixtape on his acoustic version of ‘Got This Money’ and this video is pretty much the opposite of that.  Freaks and Geeks is the first single off of his next project of the same name and he just tears this amazing beat apart.  The word-play is amazing (what would you expect from a writer of 2 great shows) and it will take multiple listens through to really catch everything.  Like I said before, the best way to describe his style is raw…  but he really is talented and creative so give it a listen and this wont be the last post featuring Mr. Gambino.  (also had to post the video to prove to all your non-believers that it is ‘Troy’)


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