Swagged Out: Volume 1 | Mash-Up Monday

Well It is Monday so its only fitting that I stumble across the creation of mash-up “super-group” that goes by Swagged Out.  Who is Swagged Out you ask?  To name a few favorites of the site it is wait what, and Torpeedoh… along with a handful of other artists (check the list/album art to the left).  All they had to say about that album is that “This mixtape is the first of multiple installments. Our goal with Volume 1 was to introduce everyone involved and show the fans what kind of music we each make. The only thing we ask you to do is to share this mixtape with everyone you know.”  Soo figured I should share it with everyone I know… Enjoy!

Download ‘Swagged Out: Volume 1’

A Vandal’s Lie – Give It To Me Whenever

Mashwell – Old School

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