Brenton Duvall | Blow The Skrilla (Too $hort)

You ever heard Too $hort and been like, “Man this dude has a ridiculous name, do you say it Too Money-hort or Too Dollar-sign-hort or Too Money-Short or Too This-is-a-Goddamn-Retarded-Name?” That’s what usually happens when I try to tell people I’m listening to Too Short. When I tell people I’m listening to Skrillex they’re usually all “Its great to meet a fellow rager!” and we exchange white people high fives before we hitch up our pants and continue playing flip cup. But then theres Brenton Duvall. This man can bring together the homies from the block slanging to mid-90s Too $hort bangers with your favorite Delta Chi ragers to give both crowds a jam they can freak to, creating a party scene that frightens most everyone over the age of 40.

Brenton Duvall is a remix/mashup/song creating genius. The kid sits down with some basic software, an MPC, a keyboard, a mixer, and a Polo v-neck sweater and just throws DOWN on you fools. This latest one is right in line with what we know to be Duvall’s nasty streak of pure bangers, so CHECK it, fool.

Download Blow The Skrilla (Too $hort)


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