90’s finest (Produced by Adam1time) | Don’t Stop

We’ve all heard millions of journey alternations, remixes and mashups but this one is a little different from most that I’ve heard before, in that it’s a unique remix of the song AND good vocals over the top. Ever since Chief’s ‘City Boy’ I’ve always liked to hear peoples’ takes on ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ and was pretty excited after listening to this. I’ve never heard of 90’s finest before but I hope he does some more songs featuring prominent 90’s tunes (assuming that’s the premise of his name). The remix of the song is good enough itself to be an independent which is a credit to Adam1time, but with the creative vocals of 90’s finest over the top it really comes together as an impressive song.


Download | ‘Don’t Stop’ | 90’s Finest (produced by Adam1time)


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