Whomp Wednesday | Ellie Goulding x Blackmill x Split Second | Your Song

So our newest establishment, Whomp Wednesdays is now 2 weeks in and here’s my contribution to it with a little twist of mash. This one is called ‘Your Song’ by Ellie Goulding and is mashed with some lyrics from Blackmill all added over a dub beat by Split Second. I really liked Haas coming up with the idea for Wednesdays because as you guys may have noticed, the dubstep and music with heavier beats is starting to popularize. It seems like almost every song that comes out has a dubstep remix to it that creates a very different feel. I’ll be honest, when I first started hearing dubstep I didn’t like it, but it’s slowly been growing on me when it’s tastefully done, and ‘Your Song’ is a good example of it. Great chorus/vocals from Ellie Goulding that I loved on the original and some surprisingly good lyrics from Blackmill that I had never heard before. Split Second really did a great job putting this together, and it’s one of my favorite mash/dubs out there right now and I really think you guys will like it. Enjoy!

Download Your Song (Ellie Goulding x Blackmill) by Split Second


2 responses to “Whomp Wednesday | Ellie Goulding x Blackmill x Split Second | Your Song

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  2. Does someone know the rap lyrics from Spit Second and Blacmill in the Dubstep remix of Your Song! Been searching to hell and back for it! Please can someone help???

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