Tuesday Trot | Guster

For those who do not know what Daytrotter is… your really missing out.  Located in Rock Island, Illinois ‘The Horseshake’ is a local studio that was fed up with music blogs just taking music from eachother (sadly… that is usually what we do) and said “lets make sure we always post new music”.  In order to do that they have created thousands original recordings by having a ‘session’ every day with an artist, usually consisting of 5 songs, and releasing the recording straight to their site.  With this huge library of music I plan on going through and find the best sessions and give you one a week, in something I call ‘Tuesday Trot’.  The first one is from one of my favorite bands.. possibly top 5 active bands for me…. Guster!  Including 5 songs… 2 of which (Hold On and Backyard) are my favorites of them… this really is a great session.  Since I want you to visit the site and give them some publicity I will just give you to the page of teh session.. where you can stream and download for free!  Enjoy!

Stream/Download ‘Guster | Daytrotter Sessions’


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