ZAK! | Give Me The World

You see the lineup for this Hoodie Allen show in Ann Arbor?? Hoodie, The Hop, and ZAK! Oh, you’ve never heard of ZAK!? Is he a DJ? A rapper? Possibly some kind of cook or shaman? I’m not gonna rule out those options, but he’s definitely a dope rapper as well. I checked out a couple tracks from his mixtape the other day in anticipation of seeing him live, and I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

Give Me The World has a sick hook, with a hard, driving beat over a nice little piano line. ZAK!’s lyrics and flow are much better than you’d think – dude can actually put together a good verse, with some goofy metaphors and a Hungry, Hungry Hippos reference. This dude is legit, if you want more check out his mixtape “Stuck to the Sidewalk”, and be sure to go check him out in concert this weekend. Tickets are just ten bucks now! Check the post before this one for ticket info.

Download ‘ZAK! | Give Me The World’

Read More to Stream the whole Mixtape


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