The Hop | Hi Tonight (Single Mix)

First we gave you Hoodie Allen… and then we introduced ZAK!… and here we have the third and final band that will be featured at the concert this Friday, The Hop.  The Hop is a local band from Ann Arbor that have a very high energy electro and pop sound that is real catchy and I think will be a real fun addition to Friday’s lineup.  As their first single off Dance Party (their free mix-tape) they have remixed/mastered ‘Hi Tonight’ which is a very high energy, fun track… a perfect single.  I am excited to see this band on Friday and hope to see you all there as well!  Enjoy!

Download ‘The Hop | Hi Tonight (Single Mix)’

Grab their Free Mixtape ‘Dance Party’ HERE


3 responses to “The Hop | Hi Tonight (Single Mix)

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