Hoodie Allen in Ann Arbor!

Welll if you couldn’t tell we are huge fans of Hoodie Allen over here at A2unes and in 5 days he will be performing in our hometown of Ann Arbor.  Hoodie Allen… The Hop… ZAK!…  9pm… Club Vintage, 15 Bucks…  feel like I should see you alll there.  Also… for those who waited for the last minute they have dropped the ticket price to $10  if you get your tickets through GrubLife.  Be sure to grab Hoodie’s hit album ‘Pep Rally‘ as well as his latest single ‘Dreams Up‘ and get hype for the show! enjoy!

$10 Tickets through GrubLife

$15 Tickets through Flavorus (If other promotion is sold out)


4 responses to “Hoodie Allen in Ann Arbor!

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