Wiz Khalifa | Roll Up x On My Level

Wiz Khalifa releases the second single off his March album, Rolling Papers, called – surprise, surprise – “Roll Up”. Stargate produced this number, which means it could go one of like six ways, as Stargate has had their hand in a whole bunch of top ten hits, including “What’s My Name”, “With You”, “Firework”, every Ne-Yo hit ever, and “Black and Yellow”. (Which one of these is not like the others?) Black and Yellow was a real departure from the norm for these guys, and showed they could really deliver that hood rat shit that’ll still get teenage girls going all crazy OMG. Naturally, Wiz hooked up with them for the second single off his new album, looking for more of that radio magic.

This future hit, called Roll Up, is about weed no wait its not? Its about a girl, which is defintely not Wiz’s typical track topic, but I don’t care, this shit is fire and Wiz kills the hook over a poppier beat than Black and Yellow that still has a heavy bass line and some dope synth lines. Wiz kills the verses with his nice and smooth flow, fitting it perfectly over the uplifting, smooth beat to just give you the smoothest smoothington song out right now. I hit a block and couldn’t think of any synonyms for smooth, fuck you very much. Also, I swear there’s periodic noises in this track that sound like my new message notifier on Gchat.

For the second helping of Wiz singles there’s another track rumored to be on Rolling Papers – On My Level, with Too $hort, which feels like a really stupid name to type out. Its a Jim Jonsin produced joint, but its much harder than Roll Up, with a heavy, plodding beat and a hook that isn’t too cheerful but is pretty catchy. This is that track for the hood, while Roll Up is that track for the radio.

Download Roll Up

Download On My Level


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