Milkman | Algorithms

Today Milkman releases the final installment of his Mash-Up trilogy in what might be the end of him being a mash-up artist, and the start of him being a trance producer (he does end this album with his first trance release titled ‘Breaking Free’).  If this is indeed his last mash album he really ended with a bang, giving us what I tinhk is my favorite out of his previous 2 albums, and ‘Breaking Free’ is slowly becoming one of my most played, so maybe the change wont be too bad.  Enough of me talking… listen to some of my favorites and then jsut grab the whole tihng! Enjoy!

Milkman – Another One

Milkman – Breaking Free



4 responses to “Milkman | Algorithms

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  2. what is the piano music 1:25 of ANOTHERONE by milkman?
    thankss, much appreciated!

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