Stand Under the Coconut Tree

Here is one that is an awesome party song  that’s a little girly but will be stuck in your head for days after you listen to it. It’s called ‘Coconut Tree’ by Mohombi featuring Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls. I’ll be honest I haven’t listened to anything with Scherzinger and wasn’t quite sure how talented she was and how much of her success had to do with her looks. But after hearing her perform on The Sing Off and on this song I’m pretty impressed. She contributes a lot to what already has the makings of a great song with the catchy beat by Mohombi who reminds me a lot of IYAZ for some reason. Anyway, it’s an awesome song with a very catchy beat that you’ll be jamming out to in no time.

Download: Coconut Tree, Mohombi ft. Nicole Scherzinger


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