Jay-Z Brings Matisyahu Back to Jerusalem

I’ve really liked Matisyahu ever since Haas introduced me to ‘One Day’ by blasting it through the speakers at Michigan Ave. one summer afternoon while playing bags (oh memories…) so I got a little more excited than I should have when I saw that there was a mashup with Jay-Z . In hindsight I had every right to get excited because this song is a really good song to chill to on a lazy summer afternoon while sitting on the front porch and whistling at all the girls going to the IM Building (oh memories…). ‘Jerusalem’ combines the smooth flow of Jay-Z with the chill beats and choruses of Matisyahu to create a great song. For me it’s all about the memories it brings back and speaks to that theme when Matisyahu sings the chorus, ‘Jerusalem if I forget you, let my right hand forget what it’s supposed to do.’ Much like Matisyahu says, I’ll have to lose my bodily functions before the day I forget my good memories (from college at this stage in my life). As I said before, I really like this song and think you guys will too! Enjoy and have a great New Years, I’ll be in Chicago (hopefully) for the next couple of days so I won’t be able to get anything up, so go party hard and be ready for some songs I have lined up for the new year!

Download: Jerusalem, Matisyahu ft. Jay Z



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