Violins Cover Music

I’m a big fan of acoustic covers and this is a really interesting concept by Peter Lee Johnson, using his violin to do covers of Tupac’s ‘Changes’ and Taio Cruz’s ‘Dynamite.’ I really like the sound of these and think he does an absolutely amazing with these covers. As a former string player (3rd – 10th grade, don’t laugh) I respect the skill that he has and am absolutely amazed at how good he makes it sound and how easy he makes really difficult parts sound, especially in his cover of ‘Changes.’ I strongly recommend listening to these even if you’re not a fan of classical or stringed instruments, I think you’ll be really impressed by the job that he does with these covers. After listening to these I immediately went and looked for more by him and found a TON. I’ve listened to about 2/3’s of them so far and have come away more and more impressed for each one so check out the link below and give them a listen and if you like them be on the lookout for more in the future!

Download: Violin Covers, Peter Lee Johnson


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