Mash-Up Monday!

Haven’t seen that headline in awhile eh?  ha.. well Mochi Beats hit us with his latest continuous album called ‘Goodnight EP’ so i figured it was fitting since it is indeed Monday…  It is only a little less than a half hour, but a pretty entertaining half hour at that… steam the whole mix below, but when you download it you will get the individual tracks as well as the one full mp3.   ENJOY!

Download it all HERE

Read more to learn more…

The track listing for Goodnight EP:

1. One Heaven (Sky Ferreira + Baby Bash + Belinda Carlisle)
2. Dat Girl Is Miles Away (Flo Rida + Madonna + Three 6 Mafia)
3. Fraser’s Song (M.I.A. + Savoy + Rye Rye + Ying Ying Twins + Mike Jones)
4. Day ‘N’ Heartbeat (Boys Noize + Kid Cudi + Annie + Michael Jackson)
5. Break the Holiday (Fatman Scoop + Madonna + Britney Spears + BEP)
6. Ghosts N Weekends (Deadmau5 + Kid Sister + Nina Sky)
7. Booty Undertaker (Dev + Wolfgang Gartner)
8. Baptism of Happiness (Crystal Castles + Kid Cudi + Three 6 Mafia)
9. DJ Got Us Sexy Bitch (Usher + David Guetta + Glee + Akon)
10. Imagine a G6 (Glee + David Guetta + John Lennon + Far East Movement)


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