X-Mash Ups

Merry Christmas!!Here’s a project that Haas put together over on GMAD, calling upon some of the biggest and best mashup artists out there to put together some holiday Mashups. The result is a pretty cool mashup album, here’s what he had to say:

In honor of the holidays I have gone and compiled some of the best/most interesting/most entertaining mash-ups into a little album for you guys to enjoy.  This is clearly more of a concept album used to showcase what some of these talented DJ’s can do with your favorite holiday songs, with a few world premiers from DJ BAHLER, DJ Fergie Ferg, and wait what.  I do admit this will probably take multiple listens through to catch some little things that the DJs have done (such as trowing 50 Cent’s “Go Shawty, Its your Birthday!” after a line from Johnny Cash talking about newborn Jesus).  Assume there will be a few more mashes released this week leading up to Christmas but wanted to give you a few days to enjoy this before the day…   ENJOY!

PS: Gotta love that phenomenal photoshop work!

Download: X-Mash Time


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