Gonna Take Off for the Holidays

Something that I’ve come to learn during my time listening to music has been that the best songs capture you within the first few seconds, and that those that can’t are usually not worth listening to. ‘Take Off’ is no different, with a very catchy beat that instantly got my attention. I’m glad it did because I probably wouldn’t have listened to it too closely because I haven’t heard anything about the artists KMBently & Gabrielle Marie. However, after listening to it I really like the rhymes by KMBently, which are all about the lyrics, and when combined with a good beat and the catchy chorus by Gabrielle Marie, really make a catchy song. Open your ears up and enjoy!

PS: Congrats to Haas on passing his exam, hopefully he survives the celebratory holiday weekend

Download: Take Off, KMBently ft. Gabriella Marie


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