B.o.B – No Genre Mixtape

B.o.B! New Mixtape! What genre is it? I don’t know! That’s why its so fun!  B.o.B goes Beast Mode on this one, singing and dancing and rapping and goofing his way to a full mixtape. Tracks like American Dreamin’ are pure Bobby Ray singing and goofing flair, while tracks like Beast Mode are pure B.o.B hoodrat hiphop. Luckily for us, the two personalities usually mix up on the tracks, with B.o.B ripping the verses and Bobby Ray crooning his way to a smash hook. For a great example of this, check out Batman Flow, which also features a verse from Donnis. B.o.B rips the space-age beat over the first verse, with twinkling sound effects and a thick bass line to back him up, while the Bobby Ray persona drops on the chorus when the beat just straight explodes into an awesome synth and keyboard line compliment to the original beat. It’s a fantastic combo of the two styles B.o.B loves, and he follows that schizo track record on most of the rest of the mixtape. Feet Don’t Fail Me Now is especially tasty, with a slow piano-backed beat that escalates into an uplifting drum and piano number with verses from T.I. and a beautiful chorus from Bobby Ray and the recently incarcerated Tip Harris. If you liked B.o.B’s album, you’ll love this. If you liked any of B.o.B’s previous mixtapes, you’ll definitely love this.

Download No Genre

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