Get Your Study On…

When i was studying for a big test there were 3 things I always listened to:  1. Slow and relaxing acoustic music. 2. High energy electro,techno music (95% of the time it was Tiesto’s Club Life Podcast). and 3. Hip hop and electro instrumentals such as Ratatat or RJD2.  Now with the release of Big Gigantic’s latest mixtape, A Place Behind The Moon, i will have something to add to number 3 of the study genres.  You may recognize them from being on Mansions on the Moon’s mixtape as well as remixing Chiddy Bang’s single, Opposite Of Adults (KIDS).  Well now with their solo release they have 11 tracks of original electro instrumentals which have some hint of dubstep at times, and other times sound like 80’s synth and jazz fusion (ha ya… some sax solos…give it a shot).  Real solid tape if your into instrumentals.. so hope you enjoy!

download ‘A Place Behind The Moon’

Bonus:  just realized i never gave you guys the Chiddy remix by them…. grab it HERE and enjoy!


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