New Girl Talk!

Girl Talk released another free album today! It’s an exciting day to have music ADD, let me tell you. Girl Talk does the usual, taking samples and bits and pieces from literally every song you’ve ever heard and mashing them into an exquisite mush of music goodness. I’ll link to the opening track off the album, called “Oh No, which features Black Sabbath, Ludacris, The Ramones, California Swag District, Missy Elliot, and Dorrough, among about 20 others. It’s a pretty monster opening track, 5 minutes of delicious mashups to kick off an entire album of the like. Girl Talk is awesome for parties, people don’t get sick of the song you put on 2 minutes in and try to change it, since Girl Talk changes the music himself about every 20 seconds! Download the album for free at Girl Talk’s website, Illegal Art (ha, get it? Since Girl Talk is technically illegal samples of tons of artists? lolpuns) The server is basically dead over there right now, but it’ll come back up soon. It’s basically like when J. Cole killed the internets on Friday with his mixtape, but this one is Girl Talk so hipsters are like OMG and I’m like JAMMSSS so good luck.

Download Girl Talk – All Day

sample the first track – Oh No


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