It’s Good for the Girls

Here’s the newest one from The White Panda called “Good for Girls.” Meant to post this earlier but I’ve been busy with everything going on, so I didn’t get a chance to steal it from Haas.  Here’s what he had to say about it:

Well The White Panda gives me a pleasant surprise by grabbing my other favorite track from Matt & Kim’s latest album and mashes it with Wale.  Using ‘Pretty Girls’ by Wale, he throws the vocals over the elecro heavy beat of ‘Good For Great’ by Matt & Kim and it just really comes together quite well.

I love it as a good song to get you hyped up before you go out. The song even makes me like the Gucci verse andI absolutely love the Wale part. I’m a biiiig fan of Wale’s lyrics in “Pretty Girs” (love to sing around to it) and think that the beat only enhances that part of the song. Have a good rest of the weekend and Enjoy!!

Download: Good For Girls, The White Panda


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