Mean Planes and Taylor (Swift) Gangs

I’ve been really feeling Wiz Khalifa lately and have been hearing a lot of mashups with ‘Black and Yellow’ and ‘This Plane’ and most are a little overambitious but occasionally I’ll hear a good one and really like it. Today the first song I played when I got to work was a case of the latter, with Brenton Duvall doing another AMAZING job making this mash called ‘Mean Planes & Taylor Gangs.’ This one puts together Wiz’s ‘This Plane’ with Taylor Swift’s ‘Mean’ for a GREAT song. Has a nice girly feel to it with Taylor Swift having the chorus, but the verses from Wiz match up so well that I have to give Brenton a lot of props. Great Mash, I guarantee you’ll love it. Enjoy!

Download: Mean Planes and Taylor Gangs, Brenton Duvall Mix


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