Tayyib Ali Gives us 18

Here’s the new album called “Eighteen”  from one of my favorite up and coming artists Tayyib Ali. I became a big fan after I heard “Kid Again” and “Sound Check” and have been anxiously awaiting his mixtape. Most of the mixtape features the same chill beats and sounds that he featured on those two hits combined with his lyricism which is pretty impressive for an eighteen year old. Those two songs are the best ones on the mixtape but overall it’s really good if you’re looking to just relax and chill out. One of my favorites is “What My Father Told Me” which samples the beat form the Black Eyed Peas’ “Where is the Love” which was one of the first songs I liked so much I memorized all the words to. Aside form Kid Again, Sound Check, and What My Father Told Me, my other favorites are “I Aint Scared” and “Get High.” Enjoy!!

Download: Eighteen, Tayyib Ali

Get High

I Aint Scared


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