LOVE the Way You Lie Part 2

Wow.. so Eminem and Rihanna just came out with Love the Way you Lie Part 2 and it is awesome. Starts off a little slower than the first but gets into the beat and just takes off from there. It’s a lot more chill, featuring Rihanna’s vocals a lot more (Rihanna ft. Eminem instead of vice versa), but she does a great job on the whole song.  This kind of reminds me of Airplanes by BOB which had a Part 1 and 2, with both of these songs having different feels but both being ridiculously good. If the radio hadn’t overplayed Love the Way you Lie I would still be jamming out to it regularly, but now I know I’m gonna be chillin out to Part 2 when I’m trying to mellow out. Enjoy!

Rihanna – Love the Way You Lie pt. 2 feat. Eminem (Save Link/Target as…)


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