Slowin’ it Up with Big Z

Big Z has a very cool brand of remix/mash. His tracks are all slow to medium pace, and use inspiring piano and guitar grooves to spotlight the emotion in the hippity-hop verses he mixes. Rousing words from Tupac, Biggie, Wayne, Too $hort, Dead Prez, Lupe, and others are excellent for getting yo self motivated on slow mornings. Big Z has put out three mixtapes thus far, all of which can be grabbed for free via his facebook. Each track stands alone, and my top three are linked below. The first, “Slow Down,” samples Lupe’s verse off “Slow Down” and “Priority” by Mos Def over a fun fingerpicked guitar melody by Nico. The second, “No Good with Faces,” samples Jack Johnson’s (you guessed it!) “No Good with Faces” and features Too $hort rapping his verses from “Blow the Whistle.” The third, titled “Jesus Walks” features Kanye’s verse from the track of the same name, as well as one of Tupac’s from “Runnin’” over a guitar bit that sounds curiously like Band of Horses’ “The funeral” but not quite.

Big Z – Slow Down (feat. Lupe Fiasco & Mos Def)

Big Z – No Good with Faces (feat. Jack Johnson & Too $hort)

Big Z – Jesus Walks (feat. Kanye West & Tupac)


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