Ma Cherie Dances Hard

To stick with the morning excitement theme, here’s one that I have been blasting all morning at work much to the chagrine of some some of my fellow employees who can hear it bumping through my headphones. This one is called “Ma Cherie” by DJ Antoine feat. The Beat Shakers and features a beat that reminds me a lot of someone playing an accordion. I know that doesn’t sound appealing but trust me it actually sounds pretty cool (Just picture some guy just dancing around crazily while playing an accordion).  On top of the unique dancy/girly beat it’s got a VERY catchy chorus which you’ll be singing along to by the second time it repeats. One of the things that I really like about the song is the French words that are randomly dropped in which goes along with the title Ma Cherie (My Dear) and gives the song a pretty cool theme of an upbeat techno-dancy love song.

Also, just heard this Radio Remix of it which gives it a much more techno feel which makes it a whole different song. So see which one you like and dance! Enjoy!

Download: Ma Cherie, DJ Antoine feat. The Beat Shakers

Download: Ma Cherie (Remady Radio Remix), DJ Antoine feat. The Beat Shakers


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