Imagine a Mashup

Here’s a good mashup from Mochi Beats called “Imagine a G6. ” This song combines a lot of different aspects of music for a very cool song. First is Like a G6 which has been blowing up lately but for all of you who follow the site you should have had a nice 7 month jump on the radio if you listened to the whole Cataracs mixtape last April. Also in the song is a sample from Glee that I actually really  like. A girl I used to know was realllly into Glee and I always made fun of her a little bit for it but I’ll be honest, I really like the way it was used in this mash and have actually started liking some of their other songs too.. Also in the song is the beat from “Club can’t handle me” by David Guetta. I love Mochi Beats, and this song is no different. Great Mashup. Enjoy.

Download: Imagine a G6, Mochi Beats


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