Mash-Up Monday! Power Hour Edition

I have had this for a week now and glad it finally got officially released so that I can present it to you guys.  Over at blog number 2, GMAD, we teamed up with White Noise to create a power hour that consists of all brand new and original mash-ups.  It really has some great mashes (sadly each are only a minute long) and this flows a lot better than the ‘Mash-Up Power Hour’ I made for my friend on his 21st Bday with just taking 60 random Girl Talk songs.  Here you will know when each song transitions by Lil Jon reminding us to take “Shots Shots Shots” that kinda a little annoying after a while, but I still feel that the quality of the mashes, and the whole hour as a whole over shadow that.  Hope you enjoy and I look forward to partaking in a power hour this friday with some of you guys! Enjoy!

White Noise + Good Music All Day Presents: Power Hour Volume III


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