Rage Week

So I have a lot of good songs that are a little more chilll and was planning on posting them but then I realized.. that’s not happening. For those of you not familiar w/ Michigan its MSU weekend so I’ll post some more uptempo party stuff because, well… it’s gonna be ridiculous back in AA and I wish I could be there. Here’s something thats a straight 35 minute “song” that’s very upbeat and techno-ish and perfect for a party/pregaming. It’s called “Pregame Music Volume 2” and DJ Epic did a pretty awesome job mixing and matching a lot of mainstream songs, speeding a few up and remixing the beats. I’m not usually one to let a 35 minute song play at a party but this is more like a playlist of good mashups that flow into one another. Once you start listening you won’t want to put it down, and if there’s a part you don’t like, take solace in the fact that you only have to wait 30 seconds for the song to “change.” Enjoy!

Download: Pregame Music Vol. 2, DJ Epic


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