YM Salute’s Y-O-U

I’ve been listening to this for a couple of weeks now and really like it. Young Money has been releasing a few songs occasionally over the past month and most sound like a bunch of people yelling on a terrible track but “YM Salute” is by far my favorite and second to the one and only Bedrock (#1 playe don itunes, thanks to kimbo). Anyway, it’s got a very good beat and the whole crew does a good job on the track with my only problem being that the twelve year olds sound like, well… twelve year olds. They’re at the beginning of the song so whether you like them or not it’ll be over quick then get into the really good parts. Make sure you let it get all the way to the end so you can hear Lil Wayne’s verse which doesn’t disappoint. Really good song, and like I said, the prize of what is shaping up to be their album so far. Enjoy!


Download: YM Salute, Young Money


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