Mashup Monday Brings the Crunk Rock

So here’s an interesting mashup album that is overall solid and brings a couple of awesome songs. I’ll let DJ Kontrol explain what the album is:

This year on my birthday Lil’ Jon gave myself (& all the other DJs out there) a present when he released his entire new album “Crunk Rock” in Acapella format! My Birthday was on August 4th & I finished yesterday Remixing all 16 tracks on the album! Enjoy & share it with your friends!

So there it is for you. My favorites are What a Night, G Walk, Hey, and On De Grind. If you like Lil John, you’ll love this, and even if you don’t you’ll be impressed with these songs. Enjoy!

On De Grind (DJ Kontrol No Doubt Bass Mix) (feat. Stephen & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley)

Outta Your Mind (DJ Kontrol Triple Blend) (feat. LMFAO)

What A Night (DJ Kontrol Journey Mash) (feat. Claude Kelly)

Hey (DJ Kontrol Nirvana Mash) (feat. 30H!3)

Download: Crunk Rock (The Remixes), Kontrol


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