A Tinie Remix

I just listened to the Tinie Tempah cd “Disc-overy” and was pleasantly surprised with it and would recommend listening to it, however it’s not free so you won’t be able to find it here. Anyway, I happened to come across this remix to one of his hits “Written in the Stars” which is pretty cool. It takes a lot for me to like something with an electro beat but this Arcade Southside Remix picks up the tempo of the song and adds in a good dancy beat which really gives the song a whole new dynamic. It’s really good, especially if you like to listen to an electro beat from time to time, or all the time! Back to mashup monday tomorrow, have some impressive ones to throw up so Enjoy!

Download: Written in the Stars (Arcade Southside Remix), Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turner


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