Sam Adams, the One Hit Wonder

I don’t know if I like Sam Adams or not. It seems like for every good song he puts out, there’s 15 that are not good at all. And every time I go to say I don’t like him he puts out another good one. I just got a chance to listen to his newest mixtape “Party Records.” Now just to preface this, I am in no way telling you to d/l his whole mixtape because it is 1 good song and the rest not worth your time. So, lucky for you, I’ve taken the best of the mixtape and have it here for your listening pleasure. It’s called “Summer Techno” and is by FAR the best song of the whole mixtape. It’s got an awesome beat that isn’t even techno (not really sure where the name came from) and Sam actually sounds pretty good on it so I was very pleasantly surprised. The only thing I don’t like is the DJ occasionally yelling, but it’s worth the listen even despite that. I’ll include the link to d/l the mixtape but trust me when I say that Summer Techno is Awesome and is by far the best on the mixtape. Enjoy!

Download: Summer Techno, Sam Adams

Download: Party Records (mixtape), Sam Adams


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