As Promised, Olu

Like I promised earlier in the week, here’s some more Olu for you. The first is “Insult 2 Injury” which is actually an Erik Paul song that features Olu. It’s got a more chill feel to it which is a little different than most of the stuff Olu does. However, it also has the most finished sound of any songs that he’s done/been on so for me it’s a win/win showing his versatility and proving to be a little better (in my opinion) than some of his other work. It’s a great song with a nice chill vocal chorus with some good lyrics from Olu.

Next is “Dorm Room Freestyle (Pour it up)” and features a pretty cool beat with a good flow over it. The beat is the main reason I like it, but the lyric aspect of it isn’t bad, I just really like the beat. Solid song which, combined with some of Olu’s other work, has me excited for Olu’s future projects.

Erik Paul ft. Olu – Insult 2 Injury

Dorm Room Freestyle (Pour it up)


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