DJ Jewboy Keeps Keepin’ it Real

This dropped last night but I didn’t get a chance to listen to it until this morning so after doing so immediately went to post it because it’s classic Jewboy. I’ve listened to all of his stuff and he really has gotten better with every mixtape and this is no exception. He somehow manages to get a little better than Chrome Kippur and throws together this “Keepin’ it-is Real, Vol 2” mixtape which is a compilation of some of his unheard of songs (so don’t worry there’s a 99.99% chance you haven’t heard these songs). If you haven’t heard his stuff before, we’ve posted a few times about him over the years and have been really impressed, so give him a listen. If you were impressed by his work (which you should have been!) give this a listen and prepare to be entertained for 1.3 hours! Enjoy!

Sleepy Secrets

Naps For Narcolepsy

The Rise of Dank-enstein

Download: Keepin It Is-Real, Vol 2 (Mixtape), DJ Jewboy


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