Vizzy Zone… AGAIN?!

So to steal some of Haastradamus’ thunder (and title) the same occured with XV’s album “Vizzy Zone.” It just got rereleased with a new song on the album called “Squares” and has no DJ. So if you’re like me and hate someone yelling in the background shouting their own name ,then this version is for you. This version sounds like an album as opposed to the mixtape and is really good. To quote myself from earlier:

I have been seeing nothing but glowing reviews for XV’s new album “Vizzy Zone” so I had high expectations before listening to it. I was blown away, it is amazing. I love XV and am always very impressed with his lyrics and the way he raps, but this is on a whole other level. I really don’t know how to explain it any better, but it’s classic XV so if you enjoy his work you’ll absolutely love this. My favorites are She Go, I Go ft Chiddy Bang, Passport, Familiar, and Best is Yet to Come, but honestly all 19 are awesome. Enjoy!

So do as I said before, download and enjoy!

Download: Vizzy Zone, XV (Deluxe Edition)


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