Party Party Party

I was looking for something more party-ish to post for the weekend and was having trouble finding something new and was gonna listen to this mixtape going down to DC this weekend. Fortunately for all of you, I accidentally started listening to it earlier and have been unable to put it down. This is the “College Years Beer Pong Edition” mixtape by DJ Moneybags and DJ TUCK and it’s very much like DJ Benzi’s summer mixtapes ( 2009 & 2010) were, with snippets of a lot of popular songs remixed over the course of a huge playlist (this one has 40 songs). Great playlist to just let bump while you’re pregaming, having a party, OR playing Beer Pong (like the artists intended hah). Solid work and very very catchy, I guarantee you wont be able to stop listening once you start with track 1. Rage hard this weekend and Enjoy the music!

Download: College Years Beer Pong Edition Mixtape, DJ Moneybags & DJ TUCK


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