Big Sean & Mr. Hudson

I’ve had this song sitting around for a month and a half now and totally forgot about it, but this is a Big Sean track that was released before his mixtape came out and wasn’t included on it. The song is called “Way Out” and has Mr. Hudson on the chorus and he does a great job. I liked him a lot on “Forever Young” w/ Jay Z and he does just as  good of a job on this track, infusing some energy into what is otherwise a relatively chill song. Classic Big Sean verses, very chill, but like I said, Mr. Hudson does a good job bringing some energy to it on the chorus. Oh, and the song is produced by Kanye, so give it a listen. Enjoy!

Download: Way Out, Big Sean ft. Mr. Hudson [Link Removed by Request]

One response to “Big Sean & Mr. Hudson

  1. i put this up about 3-4 month ago, and big seans producer or something emailed us and told us to take it down

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