Tayyib Ali: Kid Again

I wholeheartedly agree with Tayyib, I just wanna be a kid again. With a lot of us “growing up” now and starting to make moves in the real world, it’s nice to get a nice little refresher in what used to be, such as a weekend in a college town. One of the reminders I’ve had is staying at home w/ my parents, but that all ends soon so while, I’d love to be a kid again, it’s time to be an adult.

This is an awesome song with an awesome beat that will really speak to you if you listen closely to it. Love the way he uses the slightly electro beat and has a very catchy chorus that comes back in and out a lot. Great idea, great beat, great lyrics, great song. Enjoy!

Download: Kid Again, Tayyib Ali


2 responses to “Tayyib Ali: Kid Again

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