Shwayze: Love Stoned

Wow, lot’s of good mixtapes and albums dropping left and right. Here’s the new one from Shwayze aka Aaron Smith called “Love Stoned” and WOW. I’ve always appreciated Shwayze’s music but never been the biggest fan, liking only a few of his songs here and there, but this mixtape has totally changed my opinion of him. It’s got the usual chill Shwayze feel to it but the songs are just.. awesome. The mixtape itself comes together really well and all of the songs flow into one another to give it a great feel.

Some of my favorites are Love Letter ft. The Cataracts, Superhero,Everything, and Play it on the Radio with my favority of the whole mixtape being Said it all B4, but like I’ve been saying for the recent mixtape posts, the whole tape is great so give it a listen all the way through. Enjoy!

Download: Love Stoned, Shwayze aka Aaron Smith (have to enter your email then it’ll email you a dl link, don’t worry you won’t get spammed)

Download Link 2 (for those of you who don’t want to enter  your email)

Aaron Smith ft The Cataracs – Love Letter

Aaron Smith ft Nikko Gray – Hippy


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