Cuey Sings the Blues

Another highly anticipated mixtape that lived up to expecations is OnCue’s “Cuey Sings the Blues” which features a lot of samples from Artists such as The Who, Dave Matthews Band, The Killers and Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” to name a few. He does a great job using these samples and adding his distinct feel to them (he has a very…unique voice). Anyway, it’s an awesome mixtape that has a great feel to it so I STRONGLY RECOMMEND downloading it and listening to it all the way through, even if it’s just for the sampling he does. And for those of you who don’t remember, he has another Mixtape called Cueyfornication which was awesome also and sampled RHCP. Anyway, great job by Cuey and hope you Enjoy!

OnCue – Crashing Down

OnCue – Escape

Download: Cuey Sings the Blues, OnCue


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