Labor Day Catch UP

Lots of good music came out over Labor Day weekend.. problem was AA proved to be an amazing distraction. So here are some of my favorites that came out last weekend.

First is a great song by Cam Meekins ft. Chris Webby which has a very catchy beat and features both of our favorite up-and-coming white rappers very well. Fast Lane is very catchy song that you’ll be listening to over and over again.

Next is a VERYYY catchy song by Drew32 called “Letting Go Verse.” It’s a four minute song, but he really does treat it like it’s just one big verse just going non-stop. Now sometimes that idea seems great but it has the propensity to fail epically, but in this case it works really well with a great uptempo beat going in the background. Really like his flow and style, which when combined w/ the beat make it a really solid song.

Next is a song called “Chasing Your Love” by Cameron Bedell which has a VERYYY Maroon 5 feel to it. I love this song, great vocals and a great feel to the whole song and I love way they do the chorus so definitely give it a listen. Really REALLY like this song.

Last is called “I’m Ready for You” and is by Drake. I have this one in my Good Listens-Chill Playlist, because that’s exactly what it is. It’s not quite a “chill” song but is a very good song that isn’t as uptemo as some of the songs that I like to listen to. Drake is hit or miss for me with because everything he does is relatively chill/slow, but this is one case of it working for him and it going well. Enjoy!

Download: Fast Lane, Cam Meekins ft. Chris Webby

Download: Letting Go Verse, Drew32

Download: Chasing Your Love, Cameron Bedell

Download: I’m Ready for You, Drake


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