Kayo: The Pursuit of Happiness

Kayo came out with another much anticipated mixtape, this time with the help of GMAD. Needless to say  “The Pursuit of Happiness” did not disappoint. If Kayo sounds familiar it’s because he put out an amaaaazing mixtape called the Kayo Mayer Experience where he sampled all John Mayer songs and added some sick vocals over them for a mixtape that had a lot of feeling and could speak to anyone. This album has the same chill feel featuring artists such as Mayer, James Blunt, Hayley Williams, and Cisco Adler with the same lyrics I came to appreciate on his last mixtape. I reallllly enjoyed this album and it’s chill feel and can’t wait for some more work out of Kayo. Enjoy!

Kayo – All I Wanted (feat. Haley Williams)

Kayo – Sail Away v2.0

Download: The Pursuit of Happiness (Mixtape), Kayo

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