Mashup Tuesday

It’s been a long weekend, and with Labor Day I figured I’d make today a mashup day.

First is one of the songs off of “The Allbomb” by Tenacious DJ which I am eagerly awaiting. The song is called Hustlin’ Down Sesame Street and starts off pretty well and gets a little complicated at the end but still a good listen and has a DJ Jewboy feel to it. Give it a listen and see if you’ll be downloading the Allbomb when it drops.

Next is a song that both Haas and I heard. I wasn’t the biggest fan, he was, so he convinced me to give it a better listen annnnnd here it is being posted. It’s a nice mashup by doctordude combining Ke$ha and the Beatles which is a lot better than I gave it credit for. I was  never really that into the Beatles so I didn’t give it a fair listen, but now that I have I’m happy I did. I definitely recommend it if you like the Beatles because the song comes together very nicely w/ their lyrics.

Next is one that got my attention because it used All the Small Things by Blink 182, one of my favorite songs growing up. It’s called All the Small Lovers by DJ’s From Mars and is mashed up w/ Kylie Minogue and is really solid. I love it because of the Blink instrumentals and it always gets me bobbing my head a little bit.

Last is a very chill one by Mighty Mike called Smashing Fireflies which uses the vocals of Fireflies with a more rock instrumental by the Smashing Pumpkins for a very chill and easy to listen to mashup. Enjoy!!

Download: Hustlin’ Down Sesame Street, Tenacious DJ

Download: Tik Tok Together, Doctordude

Download: All the Small Lovers, DJ’s From Mars

Download: Smashing Fireflies, Mighty Mike


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