Everything Overload

This will be my last post until Monday at least because I’ll be back in AA starting tonight and raging takes a precedence to everything else in my life. Hopefully I’ll be alive for my flight back..hopefully. Anyway, today I’ll throw up a buuunch of songs of all different varieties so this should please everyone.

First we’ll start with a chill song called Freefallin’ by Atmosphere which has a really good background beat w/ a solid chorus over it. The verses are pretty good themselves, but if you’re more into “listening” to a song but not really thinking about this one is for you. He’s got a really strong voice that goes together well with the beat and the rest of the song so it’s really good to listen to.

Next is a mashup by Wait What called I Gotcha Right Moves. Now if you couldn’t tell form the title of the it combines Lupe and One republic for a surprisingly good song. One Republic is the beat/chorus (slightly sped up) and Lupe has the verses over it (duh) for a real good mashup. I like both songs so the combination really impressed me for a slightly uptempo chill mashup.

Another mashup that you guys might hate but was very impressive was done by The Hood Internet called Cow Girls in America which combines T-Pain and Dom. I know, you hate Reverse Cowgirl. Hell, I hate Reverse Cow Girl. HOWEVER, it really isn’t as obnoxious or annoying when combined with this beat. It provides a more electro feel  but I really like the beat and tpain really doesnt annoy me as much when he’s autotuning over a more uptempo electro beat. Pleases give it a listen, and if you hate it you can blame it on me, but I honestly don’t think you will.

Next is the new one by Matt & Kim called Cameras. If you never heard Daylight go to youtube right now and listen/watch it then come back and download Cameras. For those of you who have, you know that Matt & Kim have kinda quirky beats but they’re catchy and feel good. Cameras is no exception with a beat that seems to feature a horn of some sort, which almost enhances the feel of the song. I’ll be honest, initially wasn’t the biggest fan and was unimpressed w/ it compared to Daylight, however as I listen to it for the 3rd and 4th time now it’s catching on me and impressing me more and more with every second.

Last are a couple of songs by Wiz Khalifa. I know, two songs by Wiz?! He can put out two good songs and one of them isn’t Say Yeah? Surprisingly yes, and these aren’t obnoxious in any manner, but are actually very very solid from top to bottom. The first is This Plane which is quickly becoming my favorite song of the week. I listened to it 20 times yesterday.. and came away more impressed each time. Has a great beat with a solid chorus and very very good chill verses from Wiz. VERRRRRY impressed so definitely give it a download. Another song I liked was Black and Yellow which was also good and had an even better beat than This Plane, the only thing I didn’t like about it was the continuous repeat of “Black & Yellow” on the chorus but other than that it’s a really solid song. If you’re like me you wouldn’t have given these songs a chance, but I promise that if you do you’ll enjoy them both so listen up! Enjoy, have a great weekend and hope we beat Uconn!

Download: Free Fallin’, Atmosphere


Download: I Gotcha Right Moves, Wait What

Download: Cow Girls in America, THI (Right Click Save As)

Download: Cameras, Matt & Kim

Download: This Plane, Wiz Khalifa

Download: Black & Yellow, Wiz Khalifa


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