GMTA & J. Cole

Thursday is almost here and I’m getting puuuuuumped to be back in AA tomorrow night. Today I have two good songs each by two artists, one new and one prominent, GMTA and J. Cole.

First is GMTA with his two songs Gotta Believe and Roller Coaster which both have pretty simple beats with good vocals. They have a less finished feel to them than say a Bei Maejor track but still good songs with entertaining beats and good vocals.

Next is J. Cole who’s had a few songs come out over the last month, two of which are It Won’t Be Long & Blow Up. Now I think It Wont Be Long is solid and enjoy listening to it but I absolutely LOVE Blow Up and am STRONGLY RECOMMENDING that you give it a listen and download it. Both songs have great rhymes but Blow Up has a great beat and an overall great feel to the song which has me currently in love with it. Enjoy!

Download: Gotta Believe, G.M.T.A.

Download: Roller Coaster, G.M.T.A.

Download: It Won’t Be Long, J. Cole

Download: Blow Up, J. Cole


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