Good Song Overflow

I have a loooot of good songs in my a2unes folder so I’m gonna throw a bunch of them into a nice big post to prepare for being back in AA this weekend and definitely not posting.

The first is a great song by Joshua Bennett  called Don’t Let Me Go. It’s got a very chill beat with a good vocal chorus by Am Jay and some realllly good verses over the beat. Great song, definitely recommend downloading it. I love it.

Next is a new one by Wale called Hold You which is technically a freestyle but it sounds like a finished song. I love Wale and this one features a good beat w/ a simple piano beat with a slight synth over it. For a “freestyle” Wale just keeps coming with great lines as always, one of my favorites with football season coming up, “Straight Lane Kiffin it, we aint playing for championships.” Real Good Listen.

Khleo, who I featured on a post a couple weeks ago (the guy from Holes), came out with a new song called Lied to Me. It’s not as good as Juicy was, which I was really impressed with, but it’s a solid song and shows that he can put together more than one good song.

Next is a real good one by Mayday called One Foot in the Grave. It has a reallllllly solid beat with a little darker feel but a GREAT chorus. There are some good verses on the song too, which when combined with the chorus really get you pumped up and ready to go.

Chiddy hops on a Katy Perry Remix which is pretty solid. I like the original a lot (I’ll admit I like some girly music) but this one is a little different. I wouldn’t like it as much if it wasn’t for Chiddy’s verse. I like him a lot and he really adds a lot to any track he’s on. This one has a very different feel but as I listen to it more and more I’ve found that I like it more and more so give it a chance.

Last is a sooooolid song by Colin McLoughlin called Come Back to You. Features some verrrry solid vocals for a r&b type song that is chill but a little more upbeat than you might expect (definitely won’t put you to sleep). I love the vocals and chorus on the song and the beat stays pretty simple which is very effective. Very impressed with the song overall, so give it a listen and let him sing to you. Enjoy!

Download: Don’t Let Me Go, Joshua Bennett ft. Am Jay

Download: Hole You, Wale

Download: Lied to Me, Khleo

Download: One Foot in the Grave, Mayday

Download: California Girls, Katy Perry & Snoop Dog  ft. Chiddy Bang

Download: Come Back to You, Colin McLoughlin


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